Quest 1: Mercy Heritage Centre

In front of the Mercy Heritage Center
Location: Mercy Heritage Centre, All Hallows Convent, 547 Ann St.

Date of visit: 17th August 2012

Well after a somewhat faltering start, we actually read the guidebook, took note of the opening times and visited the first recommend place of interest in the guidebook: The Mercy Heritage Centre.

The Mercy Heritage Centre is a small museum celebrating the legacy of the Sister’s of Mercy and their history in Brisbane. The museum is based in the the former school/convent and has different exhibitions throughout the building.  We were lucky enough to get a private tour around the centre by the lovely Nicole, who whilst being relatively new to the role was able to add interesting details about the history of the building and the nuns.  Highlights included the displays of the sister’s personal belongings in the trunk room and bedrooms, the school rooms and also the new History of the Sisters exhibition which explored the history of the Sisters and the impact they have had on Brisbane through their chartable and nursing work.

Practical Info:
It’s free, donation appreciated (ups, that’s what we forgot). At the moment it is open Monday AND Friday 9 am to 4 pm (NOT Monday to Friday). Our guide Nicole told us that they are thinking about changing opening times because most people read this wrong in the little booklet.

457 Ann St is at the top of the hill before going into to Fortitude Valley accross from the Centenery Park. You walk through the old stone archway into All Hallows school grounds. At the top of the drive it is the old building to the left at the very top of the hill.

To get in ring the bell. You have to walk through with a tour. It takes about two hours depending on the group size and how many questions you ask (we had pretty much a private tour for the two of us) 🙂 The last tour starts at 2pm.


Crafty Inspiration:

After initially wondering what form of craft this visit would inspire, it turned out we were spoilt for choice! Whilst one knight was keen to recreate the lace wedding dress for her fellow knight, it was decided that expectations should be lowered to avoid disappointment.  The Sisters were extremely crafty in their small amount of leisure time: we saw evidence of sewing, knitting, crochet and tatting. We finally decided to celebrate the impact the Sisters have had on charity, in particular through their work with the Mater Hospitals in Brisbane, by knitting tiny hats for neonatal babies at the Mater Mother’s Hospitable in Brisbane.  This is the pattern we’ll be using:

Hopefully these hats will be completed before the next adventure within the quest but as this Knight has not yet mastered DPN who knows……

-> photos to come


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