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Quest 3: Freemasons Ann Street Memorial Centre

Location: 311 Ann St.

Date of visit: 27th September 2012

Practical Info:
It’s free, donation appreciated. You have to join a tour to get in. Tours are held Monday to Friday at 2pm. When you are in front of the main entrances go left into the reception area where you wait for the guide.


He did not offer any mysterious handshakes, code words or any turned up trouser leg action but our guide Deputy Grand Secretary Graham was informative and interesting as we nosied around the centre.  He explained the pomp and ceremony, procedures, secret symbols and history of the Freemasons in Brisbane including the charity work they regularly do to support local and international causes.  We got to look around one of the main halls, the memorial area and even managed to get a peek inside the library where we met a future Grand Master (once again no handshakes).

Crafty Inspiration:

For celebrations the Freemasons wear traditional aprons which were on display in the Great Lodge. We instantly knew we would make apron for ourselves. These will be more practical then ceremonial. We will attempt to make these peg aprons:


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